"21 Candles"
Season 3, Episode #20
(#64) in series (144 episodes)
"A Different World" episode
Guest Star(s):
Recurring cast
Rueben Grundy
Dominic Hoffman
Lou Myers
Mary Testa
Charylane Woodard
Network: NBC-TV
Production code:
Writer (s): Adriana Trigiani
Director (s) Debbie Allen
Original airdate March 15, 1990
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"Hillman Isn't Through With You Yet" "Sweet Charity"
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21 Candles was the twentieth episode of Season 3 of A Different World, also the 64th overall series episode, The episode, which was written by Adriana Trigiani, and directed by Debbie Allen, was first broadcasted on NBC-TV on March 15, 1990.

Synopsis Edit

Kim plans a surprise party for Whitley's 21st birthday. Whitley becomes angry with Julian for forgetting her birthday, though she never told him. After finding out Whitley's birthday party is for women only, Dwayne and Ron make hasty and ill-conceived plans to kidnap her as a joke

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Whitley fantasizes an extravagant 21st birthday celebration that has both Dwayne and Julian pledging their undying love. Back in reality, it's a completely different story. Whitley thinks everyone has forgotten her birthday so she celebrates alone. Of course, who could forget Whitley? Kim has planned an all-girl surprise party while Dwayne and Ron plot to disrupt the party by kidnapping Whitley. The birthday girl is in for a couple of surprises!

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