Ajai Sanders (born April 24, 1967) appeared as Hillman Collegs student Gina Deveaux in Seasons 4-6 of A Different World, appearing in 38 episodes.

Life and careerEdit

Born Angela Marie Wilson in North Trenton, NJ, Ajai grew up in Dallas, Texas. She attended Hillcrest High School, graduating in 1985.[1] Sanders moved to Los Angeles and began working as a stand-up comic; eventually this work led to what initially was to be a one-time role on A Different World.

The guest role was expanded after director Debbie Allen proved impressed by the qualities Sanders brought to the character, whose appearances were expanded to five that season and 18 the following season, after which she was added to the show's opening credits.[2]

Ajai has made guest appearances on the sitcoms FOX's Martin, ABC-TV's Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, NBC-TV's The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the WB's The Parent 'Hood, The Wayans Brothers, The Jamie Foxx Show, and the UPN series Moesha. She also guest-starred in a 2001 episode of the Lifetime show, The Division. Sanders had a major role in the independent urban comedy, High Freakquency, in which she was credited as Ajai Richards. She had a smaller role in the Michael Keaton Christmas comedy, Jack Frost, and also appeared in the 2000 urban independent drama, The Playaz Court.


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