Charmaine Brown is a character from A Different World that originated from The Cosby Show as a recurring character. The part of Charmaine was played on both series by Karen Malina White.

Character BackgroundEdit

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Charmaine is the best friend of Pam Tucker (the distant cousin of Clair Huxtable). She began dating Lance Rodman in high school and visited Hillman with Lance during her senior year of high school.

During her freshman year at Hillman, Charmaine was roommates with Lena James and Gina Deveaux. She also worked part-time at The Pit. She mistakenly accused Terrell Walker of sexual harassment and her relationship with Lance ended when she was caught cheating on him with Terrell & he broke up with her over the telephone.

Charmaine and Terrell failed their French midterm after they were caught cheating and the two of them were harassed by local residents. Charmaine later moved off-campus into a house with Terrell, Gina, Lena and Dorian Heywood. As of the end of the series, Charmaine had completed her freshman year at Hillman and was still enrolled at the school.


Charmaine amazed and annoyed others with her rapid pattern of speech.