Lt. Colonel Bradford Taylor was an at first recurring then a main character who was introduced in the Season 2 episode of A Different World titled "Dr. War is Hell". The part of Colonel Taylor was played on the series by Glynn Turman.

About Colonel TaylorEdit

Colonel Taylor, a career U.S. Army man and veteran of the Vietnam War who was in the same unit with longtime buddy and fellow Vietnam vet Vernon Gaines, who served as a cook under his command. A really gung-ho type who, in addition to he being a Mathematics professor on campus, also serves as the campus ROTC instructor, Taylor, at times, still has tendencies to forget that he isn't in the war anymore, which caused many of his students to refer to him as "Dr. War", and that his students at Hillman were young adults.

But, Colonel still challenges his students to "Be all they can be", as he always seems to get the best out of everyone, especially Dwayne Wayne, who followed in his footsteps and became a professor, too. Things did get a little weird when he started dating Jaleesa Vinson in Season 5 (because, huh?) and they soon got married and had a baby.