"Delusions of Daddyhood"
Season 3, Episode #6
(#50) in series (144 episodes)
"A Different World" episode
Guest Star(s):
Recurring cast
Rueben Grundy
Theresa Randle
Isaac Gordon
Lou Myers
Heavy D & The Boyz
Network: NBC-TV
Production code: 309 (3x06)
Writer (s): Yvette Lee Bowser
Director (s) Debbie Allen
Original airdate November 9, 1989
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"Forever Hold Your Peace" "Wedding Bells From Hell"
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Delusions of Daddyhood is the sixth episode of A Different World's third season, also, the 50th overall episode in the series. Directed by Debbie Allen, the episode, which was written by Yvette Lee Bowser (credited as Yvette Denise Lee) first broadcast on November 9, 1989.

Plot summary Edit

Ron falls for an attractive student with her own apartment. He later discovers that she's got a child. Ron attempts to play daddy but is he cut out for the role? Meanwhile, Hillman is sponsoring a benefit concert and Whitley and Dwayne are on opposing sides in choosing the performer.

Whitley lobbies for an opera company while Dwayne and the selection committee want Heavy D. and the Boyz, a popular rap group. Dwayne wins the battle and Whitley is forced to open her mind and get a lesson in music appreciation. Heavy D. and the Boyz perform "Somebody to Love Me" in the finale.



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