Kimberly Reese was a character who appeared on the NBC-TV series A Different World from the series second season until series' end at the conclusion of Season 6. The part of Kim is played on the series by Charnele Brown.

Character BackgroundEdit

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Kimberly enrolled at Hillman as a biology major. She was roommates with Whitley Gilbert (with whom she became best friends with) during her freshman and sophomore years. Throughout her undergraduate career, she was employed by Vernon Gaines at The Pit part-time. She was also involved in a serious relationship with Robert and had a false alarm pregnancy.

Kimberly rejected a much-needed scholarship because of the sponsoring corporation's investments in South Africa. During her junior and senior years at Hillman, she was roommates with Freddie Brooks. She was also employed part-time at a funeral home & involved in a relationship with Matthew.

Kimberly pledged Alpha Delta Rho Sorority and successfully "crossed over" & performed in the band X-Pression.

She graduated from Hillman in 1992 and enrolled in Hillman Medical School. She became the co-dorm director of Height Hall. After being pursued by him for months, she entered a relationship with Ron Johnson, but they later broke up. She later became involved with medical student Spencer Boyer. By the end of the series, she finished her first year of medical school and became engaged to Spencer.

Characteristics Edit

kim was a dedicated student and often overachieving in her aspirations to become a doctor.

Quotes Edit

"(Kim crying after Claire Huxtable asks about her career goals) Everybody expects me to be good I'm not good. What if I mess up on a patient? I can't even chop zuchini,"

Trivia Edit

  • Kim was a part of Alpha Delta Rho, sorority (ΑΔΡ)
  • Kim is the only character to have seen Lettie openly yell at someone