"Love Taps"
Season , Episode #22
(#) in series (144 episodes)
"A Different World" episode
Network: NBC-TV
Production code:
Writer (s): Reggie Rock Bythewood (teleplay and story)
Kadeem Hardison (story)
Ron Moseley (story)
Director (s) Kadeem Hardison
Original airdate April 23, 1992
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Love Taps is the twenty-second episode of A Different World's fifth season. It was first broadcast on April 23, 1992.

Summary Edit

Gina has a new boyfriend named Dion. He's very popular with everyone on campus and is a self-proclaimed rapper, although he's overly affectionate with other women and extremely jealous. Dion also touches on his history of dealing with of abuse. Dion reveals to Gina how his father beat his mother as a child as a root for his abuse. 

Gina's friend Lena tries to help her, but she is too ashamed to accept assistance. One night, Freddie witnesses a woman being beaten by a man; she yells but the couple flees. She doesn't see their faces and doesn't know who they are until Gina later shows up with a black eye. Meanwhile, Whitley arranges a domestic violence discussion for the women on campus and a buddy system is arranged.

Gina tries to make excuses for her boyfriend, saying he's just nervous about an upcoming concert, but his abusive controlling ways intensify.

Dion's anger increases when he realizes everyone has found out about him. He confronts Gina at The Pit. Terrence, his biggest fan, defends Gina and Dion saying it's not "Like That".

The episode ends with up with Gina reporting him to the police when Gina convinces him to go with them for "a talk".