Ronald Marlon "Ron" Johnson, Jr. was a main character on A Different World who made his first appearance in the Season 1 episode "Those Who Can't...Tutor" (episode #4). The part of Ron was played on the series by Darryl M. Bell.

About RonEdit

Ron is a native of Detroit, Michigan, son of Ron Johnson, Sr. and brother of Rachel Johnson, roommate and best friend of , involved in in serious relationship with Millie, pledged Kappa Lambda Nu Fraternity and successfully "crossed over", dated numerous women during most of his college career, worked summers as a salesman for his father's automobile dealership, falsely implied that Dwayne's campaign for student body president was endorsed by former presidential candidate Jesse Jackson, member of the Hillman ROTC, managed/performed in the band X-Pression.

A academically poor student, Ron finally graduated after nine semesters (January 1992), victim of a bias incident at Virginia A&M University (on the weekend of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 1992), where the band breaks up, as he wound up employed as spokesman for a phone sex hotline, then as a car salesman (independent of his father), only to lose that job.

Now unemployed, Ron criticized Kimberly Reese's interracial relationship (but later admitted he was jealous). As he entered into serious relationship with her after pursuing her for 4 months. He would jeapordize their relationship when he cheated on Kimberly with Freddie Brooks (while Freddie was still involved with Shazza), as he and Kim would then break up.

He then entered into serious relationship with fredd, as he then became manager and co-owner of "The Place Where The Blues Will Be Played" nightclub, as he provided the concept which inspired Dwayne's new video game for Kinishewa, as he was chosen to be godfather of Dwayne and Whitley's unborn child.