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A Different World: Season 3
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Kim (Charnele Brown) is beside herself as she and Whitley hear the tragic news of her policeman dad (played by Richard Roundtree) has been shot in the line of duty in Ohio in the episode "Answered Prayers" in Season 3 (ep.#9)
Country: USA
Number of Episodes: 25 episodes
Network: NBC-TV
Season Run: September 21, 1989– May 3, 1990
Seasons: 123456

Season 3 was the third season of A Different World, which ran on NBC from September 21, 1989 – May 3, 1990 and lasted for a total of 25 episodes.



Season 3 (1989-1990)[]

Season 3 episodes
# in series # in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
45 1 "Strangers on a Plane" Debbie Allen Thad Mumford September 28, 1989 301
Dwayne and Whitley run into each other when flying back to Hillman for the fall term and their feelings for each other ignite. Meanwhile, Gilbert Hall becomes co-ed, with Walter as the resident director and Jaleesa as assistant.
46 2 "The Heat Is On" Debbie Allen Susan Fales October 12, 1989 302
In order to graduate, Whitley must take Dr. War's Math class.
47 3 "The Hat Makes the Man" Debbie Allen Cheryl Gard October 19, 1989 303
As the new co-ed dorm director, Walter clashes with Jaleesa over visitation rights when she plans their romantic anniversary, as the two clash over dorm discipline. Meanwhile, Dwayne and Freddie take procrastination to a whole new level, as they collaborate on a research term paper.
48 4 "To Have and Have Not" Debbie Allen Kevin Kelton October 26, 1989 304
Whitley forms a bond with one her students when she volunteers to teach ballet at a youth-center for inner-city children, then discovers that the student stole her wallet. Also, Walter's duties keep him away from his bowling team, so Col. Taylor agrees to step in. When he turns out to be terrible, Mr. Gaines and the other team members try to find a way to oust him.
49 5 "Forever Hold Your Peace" Debbie Allen Susan Fales November 2, 1989 307

Dwayne takes Whitley to New York for her father's wedding and visits the Huxtables; he is shocked to learn that Denise is now married and will not be returning to Hillman. Guest stars: Phylicia Rashad Joseph C. Phillips, Raven-Symoné, and Lisa Bonet (in her final appearance in the series).

50 6 "Delusions of Daddyhood" Debbie Allen Yvette Lee Bowser November 9, 1989 309
on tries to become a father figure to his study partner's son. Dwayne invites rap group Heavy D and the Boyz to perform on campus, and he and Whitley argue over the artistic merits of hip hop.

  • Special guest stars: Theresa Randle and Heavy D & The Boyz, who perform the song "Somebody for Me".
51 7 "Wedding Bells From Hell" Debbie Allen Adriana Trigiani November 18, 1989 310
Walter and Jaleesa make plans to get married when Walter wins a honeymoon trip to Hawaii from a car wash and offers to Jaleesa. Uncertain, she says yes, as the two plan to marry in two weeks, but they soon realize they're not ready for married life. While planning the nuptials for Walter and Jaleesa, Dwayne tries to get Whitley to confess her attraction to him, as he confesses his to her; when he pulls her into a kiss, she grows faint, as she says to him she's not yet ready for a relationship.
52 8 "Great Expectations" Debbie Allen Yvette Lee Bowser November 30, 1989 305
Kim and Freddie skip homecoming to go to FreakNic, a rap concert/music festival in Washington, D.C. for the weekend, which doesn't sit well with Kim's policeman father. Later, Whitley tries to convince Kim that she's lucky to have someone that cares enough to scold her when she does something wrong, as Kim was ignored by her parents as a child. Meanwhile, Ron and Dwayne face a dilemma when each brings a girl back to the apartment.

  • Special guest star: Richard Roundtree appears as Clinton Reese Kim's father.
53 9 "Answered Prayers" Debbie Allen Margie Peters December 7, 1989 306

Kim's policeman father Clinton (Richard Roundtree) gets shot in the line of duty, so her friends take her to Ohio, to visit him at the hospital where she prays for her father to live. Freddie reveals that she had been unsure of the existence of God until she prayed at Kim's request; having her prayer answered was a life-changing experience. She questions her newfound faith after Mr. Reese experiences complications and is left paralyzed from the waist down.

54 10 "For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls" Debbie Allen Cheryl Gard December 21, 1989 312
Whitley becomes a Scrooge at Christmastime since her mother prefers being in France with her friends, so the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future help Whitley understand the true meaning of Christmas. Diahann Carroll makes a return guest appearance as Marion Gilbert, Whitley's mom.
55 11 "Under One Roof" Debbie Allen Kevin Kelton January 4, 1990 308
Dean Hughes (Rosalind Cash) invites Whitley to a weekend freshman tea party in her home, as Whitley then becomes upset when Freddie, who was also invited, is made co-host. Meanwhile, Ron allows a classmate to crash at the guys place, and the man keeps coming up with reasons to stay. He keeps Dwayne and Ron happy by cooking, cleaning and fixing the toilet. Walter tells them that Earl is a scam artist who flunked out of school. Before they can confront him, Mr. Gaines hires Earl as the building superintendant.
56 12 "Here's to Old Friends" Neema Barnette Thad Mumford January 11, 1990 311
Milt (Wren T. Brown), an old friend of Dwayne's tries to talk him into leaving Hillman, as he also recommends that Dwayne distance himself from "dead weight" like Ron. Dwayne considers his friend's words, until a talk with Whitley helps remind him of Ron's good qualities and the feeling of family that Hillman holds for its students. Meanwhile Col. Taylor and Mr. Gains both attend an Army reunion, as Col. Taylor tries to romance an old member of their old unit, until he sees that her life is a complete mess.
57 13 "The Power of the Pen" Debbie Allen Jasmine Guy & Dominic Hoffman January 18, 1990 313
Dwayne is frustrated that he has to write a poetry for homework - until William Shakespeare appears to him in a dream. Meanwhile, Freddie juggles dates with environmentalist Livingston and Ron's handsome friend Ernest. Although neither relationship is exclusive, she feels guilty until she sees Livingston with another girl.
58 14 "Pride and Prejudice" John Whitesell Yvette Lee Bowser January 25, 1990 314
Whitley shops for a birthday present for her father at an expensive store where she deals with a prejudiced salesperson. Meanwhile, The ROTC holds a retreat to teach civilians about life in the Army, as Walter makes a fool of himself and loses a bet to Col. Taylor. Dwayne ignores Ron's instructions during a flag capture game. He gets lost in the mountains and comes in contact with poison oak.
59 15 "Success, Lies and Videotape" Debbie Allen Adriana Trigiani February 8, 1990 317
Clair Huxtable (guest star Phylicia Rashad) returns to Hillman to help the students prepare for job interviews with a videotaped career development program. Although the taping is supposed to resemble a professional interview, Clair winds up playing the role of counselor. 
60 16 "A World Alike" Debbie Allen Susan Fales February 15, 1990 315
Whitley falls for Julian Day (Dominic Hoffman), a transfer from Georgetown University who's boycotting a company with South African ties that's offered Kim a scholarship.
61 17 "That's the Trouble With You All" Neema Barnette Thad Mumford February 22, 1990 318
Whitley offers to find Dwayne a girlfriend, but Whitley's sudden jealousy jeopardizes their friendship. Meanwhile, Walter angers Jaleesa by claiming that women cannot play poker. He bets that she cannot teach Freddie how to play, while Jaleesa challenges him to turn novice Kobie into an accomplished player. Neither apprentice picks up the game, but Jaleesa literally beats the pants off of Walter.
62 18 "A Campfire Story" Debbie Allen Kevin Kelton March 1, 1990 316
Walter and Dwayne return from their recruiting trip to find the heater broken, so all of Gilbert Hall gathers around the fire to hear about Walter and Dwayne's recruitment adventure.
63 19 "Hillman Isn't Through With You Yet" Debbie Allen Yvette Lee Bowser March 8, 1990 319
Whitley gets a job as a "spray lady" at a cosmetics company before graduation, but decides to return to Hillman for a fifth year to get a "real job".
64 20 "21 Candles" Debbie Allen Adriana Trigiani March 15, 1990 320
Kim plans a surprise party for Whitley's 21st birthday. Whitley becomes angry with Julian for forgetting her birthday, though she never told him. After finding out Whitley's birthday party is for women only, Dwayne and Ron make hasty and ill-conceived plans to kidnap her as a joke
65 21 "Sweet Charity" Neema Barnette Margie Peters March 29, 1990 321
Dwayne and Ron are offered to do a TV commercial with NBA Hall of Famers Rick Barry and Walt Hazzard, but soon get picked on for being cast as weaklings.
66 22 "Soldier Boy" Neema Barnette Leilani Downer April 5, 1990 322
A dinner celebrating Col. Taylor's military career is made difficult for him by the presence of a soldier whose injury has haunted the colonel; Ron strives to be ROTC Cadet of the Year; Whitley is challenged by Dwayne to go a full day without flirting.
"Getaway: Part 1
Getaway: Part 2"
Debbie Allen Cheryl Gard April 19, 1990
April 26, 1990
In Part 1 of a two-episode story, the gang heads to the beach for spring break, only to get involved with drug dealers. In Part 2, Dwayne and Roy disguise themselves as women to evade the drug dealers and notify the police, but a rainstorm shuts down the ferry, making the situation more dire.
69 25 "Perhaps Love" Debbie Allen Susan Fales May 3, 1990 323

Dwayne's mother makes a surprise visit just as he's to be inducted into Hillman's academic fraternity Phi Beta Kappa

  • Special guest star: Patti Labelle makes her first appearance as Adele Wayne, Dwayne's mother.